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Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager or employee - you are always and always a person. I will help you to develop personally and professionally. Through in-depth, holistic life & business coaching with specific actions!  

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Life Coach Köln
Life Coach Köln
Life Coach Köln
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Life Coaching Köln


Get the best out of your life

For many of my clients this was the key to a happier and healthier life.


My job is to give you the techniques and methods to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Already after a few sessions you will be experienced in dealing with your personal issues - no matter when and how they arise.


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As entrepreneurs, we face different challenges every day. From having a clear mind to make smart business decisions, to calm and focus.


And at the end of the day, we still want to enjoy life with friends and family.


How do we do it all together? As a coach, I will help you to collect your thoughts, to understand you better and to take concrete, helpful actions.


Managing is not always easy. You have to fulfill your own to-dos and manage a team of employees at the same time. You not only help your team with the company's projects, but also listen to their personal concerns.

As leaders, we often lack someone who reflects our own thoughts and feelings - both personally and personally.

As a life & business coach, I would be happy to help you reflect on your current issues and find clever measures that will help you to better master your professional and private life in the long term.


As an employee, you do your best to help your company grow and be successful in your projects. Everyone faces challenges at times.


But not only those that relate to your tasks as an employee. Of course, private and personal issues too - because you are, like everyone of us, always an individual person with needs, thoughts and feelings.

This is where I come into play as a coach. I help you to reflect on your individual situations, thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Together we will find intelligent solutions so that you can work better and feel more satisfied.


Help yourself first before you help others


How much of your potential are you really accessing to lead a happy life and successful business?


I help people use the life strategies they've learned in a way that supports them and moves them forward.

Because I'm sure you act every day with the best intentions for you. You want to be happy, avoid suffering and be successful in life with your intentions.


You have made your individual experiences in life and learned individual things from them. Your beliefs. Your values. Your strategies for daily life.


But do all of them bring you to where you want to go?

Within my life coaching sessions, I help entrepreneurs to actively reflect on their actions and hold a mirror up to their thoughts - without condemnation, but with patience, understanding and motivation.


This is what I do.

Life Coaching Köln

I helped hundreds of people with Life & Business Coaching to slow down their lives and to come back to themselves.

I helped entrepreneurs from Cologne and all over the world to develop their personality and their business in a positive way. 


Already the first conversation with me brought my clients helpful insights, concrete solutions and the valuable experience of what a strong coaching can do!


I help you living your dreamlife! 


Learn to meditate routinely on a daily basis or schedule your free initial consultation with me directly and receive individualized support.

Jonas Müller Life Coaching Coachee

"I've been with Peer for over 2 years now. I particularly liked the fact that we first set up a strong basic setting in which I really understood myself at first. How I tick, what I like, what I stand for. On that Building on that, my professional career changed very successfully for me! "

Jonas Müller
Co-founder of ShaveIceBerlin, social entrepreneur

Manu Malten Ecolinda Life Coach Coachee

"Peer showed me how to fix" procrastinating "- through daily meditation in the morning! In addition, he gave me valuable tips about my company Ecolinda, which have already made good progress!"

Manu Malten

Founder of ecolinda from Cologne


"Before working with Peer, I had a lot of successes - but I couldn't be happy about any of them. I was so stressed inside that I didn't even notice my successes. Peer enabled me to free myself from my inner prison and found my inner center. "

Olivia Müsseler
Poultry expert from Bonn

Life Coaching Coachee Olivia Muesseler