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A good person is a good coach.

I am convinced that a coach does not have to be omniscient. He is not a guru. He is not a teacher. But a good listener. He is authentic, fearlessly honest. An empath who is constantly working on his own development as a person.


Let me show you what else I expect from a good coach and what is the content of my coaching training at the same time.

What makes a good coach:


1. He's a good listener.

A good coach can actively listen. Silent pauses allow you to be there so that the coachee has the chance to go deep. So he can think about what he has heard and said himself.

2. He is the calm in himself.

With a coach we are looking for someone who will help us collect our thoughts, gain clarity and learn to slow down, to arrive with us. A good coach is there with himself, in the moment and helpful as a haven of calm for the counterpart.

3.  He has order in his head.

When the glass of the other person's thoughts is restless and looking for clarity, it is all the more important that the coach has a clear mind. I meditate for this every day and write a diary.

4th  He has a sincere intention to help ..

We intuitively notice very quickly whether the other person is genuinely interested in helping us or just wants to earn money. As a coach, it has to give him more than just being able to pay his bills with it. The best thing he found his calling was to help people in this way.

5.  He has life and work experience.

A coach doesn't have to know everything, but he should have some experience. It is not age that counts here, but the number and depth of experiences and their reflection. What has he already experienced and, above all, how has he changed? In my case, I can say that with 10 years of professional experience in 4 different industries and different positions, as well as a burnout with 23 years of healing, I have experience.

Joggendes Paar
Photoshooting in der Stadt

6th  He is constantly learning and developing.

Meditation, books, retreats, workshops, personal development & business development. The calling as a coach is a passion, not a 9 to 5 job. At least from my point of view. 

7th  He works with his own coach.

A doctor who never or never went to the doctor? A masseur who has never been to a masseur himself? This point is a prerequisite for me and for your training as a coach. If you have never worked with a coach before and are considering becoming a coach yourself, I recommend that you work with a coach for a while first.

8th.  He loves independence.

With everything that goes with it. Bookkeeping, acquisition, marketing and everything that is not directly part of the coaching. Because business in addition to helping people directly makes up 50%!

Full-time professional,

Part time,

or hour coach?

Each species has its justification. I work as a full-time coach and put my full energy into it. But there are also circumstances in which a part-time or even just a few hours per week setting is better.

Coaching training


Are you interested in finding out more? Let us talk and see together whether training as a holistic life & business coach with me is something for you!

Great people are great entrepreneurs
And there is greatness in everyone. I help people to recognize this and to live it - in life and in business.

If that sounds like you, let's talk and find out if a collaboration is a good fit.