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Peer Jürgens is a life coach and lives in Cologne. He has made his passion and beliefs about life his calling and now helps people to lead a full and happy life. In his 10-year career as a project manager, manager and personnel consultant, things went up and down for him.

At the age of 23, Peer rode straight into burnout at full speed, his own self-critical voice and extreme demands on himself. This wake-up call from his mind and body motivated him to deal intensively with himself for the next 6 years. This was followed by coaching, (world) travel, meditation retreats and a lot of books on personal development.

Today he is very grateful for this time. He feels relaxed, full of love and has his life under control - of course, never perfect - as we all know, there is no such thing. But he learned to transform his life so that it can be called LIFE! The way there wasn't an on / off switch, but a way full of ups and downs.

I firmly believe that every person is individual and unique. With his personality, but also with his current life situation. Each of us thinks differently, feels differently and sees the world with slightly different eyes.


For these reasons, it is so important to me to take 2 hours for those who are interested. In our first conversation you have the opportunity to get to know me as a person and a coach. In addition, you will already experience your first life or business coaching and get a first impression of whether it fits between us and you can imagine working with me.


So ultimately, if you can imagine that I can support you in your current life situation.


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And there is greatness in everyone. I help people to recognize this and to live it - in life and in business.

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