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Holistic. Deep. Consistent.

CoachPeer Holistic Life & Business Coach

Perhaps you are currently looking for a coach to either receive support with your company or profession. Or you want to develop yourself personally.  

Most of my customers initially come to me with a concern - either from a business or a personal point of view. At the latest after our first 2 hours of initial coaching, everyone became aware of one thing:

We can't really separate the professional and private parts of our lives. Because we are always us. At any time. With our thoughts, feelings and actions.



I help you living your dreamlife! 

I help you living your dreamlife! 

I help you living your dreamlife! 

Lebensrad - lifewheel

Rate each wheel of life section from 0-10 how happy you are there at the moment.

Not how objectively successful!

I help you living your dreamlife! 

Lebensrad Life Wheel Beispiel

Does something surprise you?

Do you already see connections?

Select 2 areas where you see the greatest potential.

Holistic & deep:
Life & Business Coaching!




I will help you in both areas. Because your greatest potential lies in both areas. If we make one area of you happier and more successful, it will also have a very positive effect on the others.

As an example, you procrastinate in your work and put off the really important tasks before you, do the not really important ones first. Is it different in private?  

You will be happy to work for others immediately and are thus energized. But if you want to do something for yourself or your company, it's more difficult.

The widespread form of our ego that prevents us in business and in life from doing what we really want and brings us forward, makes us happy & successful. Our ego does not distinguish whether we are currently working or privately.


Holistic you!


My approach is holistic and starts with the causes. We tackle the roots directly instead of lingering on the branches and individual leaves.

We remain practical and very individually tailored to you.

I work with most of my clients in a 2 x 60min video call package per month including Whatsapp and email contact between coaching sessions. With some also weekly, i.e. 4 x 60min / month.

You will receive tasks, input and my full commitment and commitment from me. I work with a small number of exclusive and select clients. So I can put my full energy at everyone's disposal.  

Please register for a first coaching session, in which I take 2 hours not to convince you of a collaboration, but to show you what my work really looks like in practice and how it helps you.




Great people are great entrepreneurs
And there is greatness in everyone. I help people to recognize this and to live it - in life and in business.

If that sounds like you, let's talk and find out if a collaboration is a good fit.