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Entrepreneur coaching

Entrepreneur and founder coaching in Cologne

Founding a company is just as challenging in Cologne as it is anywhere else in the world. The everyday life of an entrepreneur who has already taken the first steps as a founder is from hard work on the development of new products, to attracting potential new customers, to raising funds as well as hiring, firing and managing employees, embossed. Entrepreneur coaching in Cologne helps ensure that personal needs do not get out of focus during this entire process.

Entrepreneur coaching is not only interesting for founders in Cologne

Coaching has become more and more popular in recent years, as has the number of coaches and their influence on the world. According to a 2012 global study by the International Coach Federation, the industry's largest trade association, "there are an estimated 41,300 active professional coaches worldwide". The entrepreneurial coaching market was valued at more than $ 15 billion in 2019, a An increase of 5.6 percent compared to the previous year, and more and more founders and entrepreneurs in Cologne are benefiting from this.

Entrepreneur coaching in Cologne not only makes it easier for founders to get started

Entrepreneurship is an extreme sport! It takes concentration, courage, discipline and the willingness to learn and grow. This is how a founder becomes a successful entrepreneur. Entrepreneur coaching in Cologne supports you in mastering challenges and building a credible path to ambitious goals. Having a coach in the corner to help you navigate and to achieve its objectives, the journey of a company makes for start-ups much easier.

How an entrepreneur coaching helps founders in Cologne

With a coaching for founders and entrepreneurs in Cologne you will learn to avoid costly mistakes and it will help you to identify strategies to get a startup through difficult times after founding the company. You will receive honest and actionable feedback from a coach - who has many years of diverse experience in several companies - on your ideas, your business model and your customer acquisition strategy.

"Return-on-Coaching" instead of a "Return-on-Investment" way of thinking

Entrepreneur coaching , as I offer it to my clients in Cologne , is based on a "return-on-coaching" way of thinking and not just on a "return-on-investment" way of thinking.

More and more managing directors , entrepreneurs , founders and entrepreneurs, whom I help with my coaching conversations on an equal footing, gain valuable insights that help their company further. Mainly because the fog, which sometimes makes it difficult for you to see clearly, dissolves during the coaching process - here in Cologne , but also online.

Entrepreneurs gain more clarity in order to be closer to themselves and more in their midst. We work together to make sure that you can listen to your heart and your gut feeling better again. This will give you valuable time, which you can then relax and enjoy with yourself and / or with your family.

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Great people are great entrepreneurs
And there is greatness in everyone. I help people to recognize this and to live it - in life and in business.

If that sounds like you, let's talk and find out if a collaboration is a good fit.