Read what clients of Peer say about him, his coaching and his unique way ...

Manu Malten Ecolinda

"Peer showed me how to fix" procrastinating "- through daily meditation in the morning! In addition, he gave me valuable tips about my company Ecolinda, which have already made good progress!"

Manu Malten

Founder of ecolinda

"I am significantly more satisfied in my life. Peer has the ability to respond incredibly emphatically and sensitively to my needs. In addition, the business coaching helps me to make my company much more successful and I am and stay calm and structured. Now I have peer over one Successfully recommended several times over the year. "

Stefan Hück

Founder of Mantrafant

Stefan Hück Mantrafant

"Coach Peer is a very professional and yet very personal and friendly coach with a great ability to listen and understand what I often think is complex and confusing.  He has a powerful gift and skill to draw out what is hidden, perhaps on a subconscious level, and he can help deal with it in a more constructive way. I strongly recommend Peer and his services. "

Adam Kawalec
Business Mindset Coach

Adam Kawalec Business Mindset coach
Jonas Müller ShaveIceBerlin

"I've been coaching with Peer for over 2 years now. I particularly liked the fact that we first built a strong basic setting in which I really understood myself at first. How I tick, what I like, what I stand for . Building on that, my professional changed very successfully for me! "

Jonas Müller
Co-founder of ShaveIceBerlin, social entrepreneur


"I have known Peer for almost a year now. He is a very respectful, emphatic and caring person who likes to contribute to the personal development of his fellow human beings. He is always open to questions and problems and is happy to provide advice and assistance."

Semih Özbay
Freelance web designer & founder of website king

Semih Özbay Webseitenkönig
David Wambach Spielehelden

"I have been working with Peer for 6 months and, thanks to him, I have made a lot of progress in my various areas of life, of which I am very proud and for which I am very grateful to Peer :) I am already looking forward to the next coaching!"

David Wambach

CEO and Co-Founder of Game Heroes

Thomas Hück Steuerberater FBA

"It gives me new perspectives on different situations and helps me to recognize potentials that previously seemed impossible to me. As a self-employed person, the coaching has helped me a lot. In my private life I feel much happier. We do little things like quitting smoking on the side. Since working together, I have taken development steps, both professionally and personally, that I previously did not consider possible. Thank you very much for the trusting cooperation! "

Thomas Hück

Independent auditor & tax advisor


"Before coaching with Peer, I had a lot of successes, but I couldn't look forward to any of them. I was so stressed inside that I didn't even notice my successes. Peer enabled me to free myself from my inner prison and found my inner center. "

Olivia Müsseler
Poultry expert in agriculture

Olivia Muesseler
Kobi Vagabond Temple Meditation

Peer is a lovely person, very bright and deep.


Coach, Spiritual Mentor & Founder of Vagabond Temple


Great people are great entrepreneurs
And there is greatness in everyone. I help people to recognize this and to live it - in life and in business.

If that sounds like you, let's talk and find out if a collaboration is a good fit.